What is Localised?

Localised is a digital community for local businesses like yours, to promote your products, people, and services. This site acts as a local business discovery tool with features designed to help businesses buy from, sell to, partner with and learn from other businesses in their region. Supporting, buying and selling locally.


How do I find my Localised site?

Localised have partnered with a variety of councils, shires and local government agencies to bring you this digital community. Localised works with your local councils in recognising the importance of providing opportunities within the local business community.


Why should I join Localised?

The Localised platform provides you with a space to connect with a variety of local businesses within your region. This digital platform is a one-stop-shop for you to market to, buy from, sell to, or partner with local businesses and build a stronger business community.


If I want to join my Localised region what do I do?

Join your Localised community today. Click here to find and join your Localised community:


How do I make it work for me – what’s my commitment?

Your Localised site works for you, and you’ll get out what you put in. All the opportunities are there, ready for you to take. You can use existing content you have to promote tips, good news, events and projects from your small business.


How much time does it take?

It will only take you a couple of minutes to join your Localised community. Click here to find and join your Localised community.


Can it be used as a sales tool or lead to sales, if so how?

Yes! Your Localised site will be your go-to for promoting your business to other local businesses in your area. It is a free digital marketing tool that will help you promote your products, people, and services. The discovery tool allows other local businesses to find, buy from, sell to, partner with and learn from you.


How is the platform different from LinkedIn/Facebook etc?

Localised provides a tailored approach to networking, through digital tools, local events and opportunities to share, with business owners and employees only within your region. You will save money, time and effort by connecting with those who have shared interests and common goals within your local region.


Is there an opportunity to cross promote across other Localised platforms, mediums, unrelated sites?

Yes! Any of the content you build or create on your Localised site can be transferred to your website, social media or internal communications.