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Marketing on a shoestring budget

September 5th, 2021

Many small businesses feel they simply do not have the required budgets, resources or skills for marketing. However there are many tactical channels at your disposal to get your marketing messages out there and many of these are FREE, aside from your time.

The greatest spend in marketing is promoting your product. This may be through your website, online or offline advertising, publicity, events, or direct marketing. 

Here are three tips to consider:

  1. Shine a spotlight on your point of difference: What makes your business different from your competitors? 
  2. Focus your marketing on your customer: Consider what your customers think about your product or service and what problem you are solving for them.
  3. Marketing is not just promotion: Marketing is all about meeting the needs of the customer at a profit. It is not just about advertising what you have already got.

There are many marketing activities you can do, but if you need advice or tips, find a local expert to help you or ask someone in your trusted network for a recommendation.