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Nothing sticks in your head better than a story

October 1st, 2021

Stories can help explain some of the most complex ideas, theories and systems. While you may understand the products and services your business offers, sometimes not understanding could be the reason potential clients aren’t rushing to get in touch.

Storytelling creates a participatory experience, allowing clients to hear the language in a dynamic and entertaining format. Using key structures and phrases, you can create the ability for people to imagine themselves in the story, and therefore building a deeper connection with your business.

Here are three ways to introduce storytelling into your business:

1. Get clients and customers involved.
Use an existing success story or testimonial. This can show what your business is capable of. Profiling a member of the community will prove your trustworthiness and help people see themselves working with you.

2. Be authentic.
Show behind the scenes of your business. Share a ‘day in the life’ with a team member. Celebrate little wins within your team. This side of your business will help people see you as human and make them feel part of the team.

3. Use all your resources.
There are a number marketing channels you can use to tell stories. You can create written stories on your website, share videos on Facebook, or develop short, sharp stories with photos on Instagram. Make sure you use all the platforms available to you. Including Localised.

Use Localised and any other social platforms to tell the story of your business; your beginnings, heroes, and your highs and lows.