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Three ways your Council can use digital to promote economic growth

February 14th, 2022

It’s no surprise that the pandemic caused significant impact to local businesses and communities alike, and the efforts to grow the economy both in dollars spent and jobs created is of critical importance for local council, regional development and development corporations.

As we move into a recovery and rebound phase, with local businesses reopening and spending increasing, economic growth is the number one priority and local councils are looking for ways to ensure that happens quickly and sustainably as we adjust to a post COVID-lockdown world.

To achieve economic growth, innovative council leaders are seeking out partners to help them accelerate and retain local spending, and they know technology plays a key role. Digital communities have been creating significant impact in this space for some time and yet not all platforms and approaches are delivering tangible results for the economy.

Here are 3 ways innovative council leaders are leveraging digital communities to promote economic growth:

1. To empower businesses with a platform to sell, partner and collaborate through

Council leaders are seeking out end-to-end digital platforms to enable them to tick multiple boxes when it comes to empowering local and regional businesses. They’re implementing digital communities that offer an effortless way for local businesses to register, collaborate and sell to from the get-go.

They understand a service provider needs to support them to attract businesses to their community, and not only that, empower them to partner with and sell to other businesses as a result of participating in the community space.

Leaders in this space understand that they may not have the expertise and technical knowledge to implement and attract businesses on their own, so they’re outsourcing this function to services providers that have this as their ‘secret sauce’, and are able to support them to empower local business as quickly as possible.

One of our customers, Peter Rampellini from Goldfield Esperance, shared:

“Within the first 3 months, we have over 200 local businesses who have input information into the GE Business Register, declaring their businesses as capable and ready for local procurement opportunities from large organisations operating in the area”.

2. To provide local communities with one place to find qualified professionals and connect with local community

Local council leaders are identifying the ways in which they can enable communities to start spending, and by making it as easy as possible for locals (especially regionally) to find qualified businesses to invest in and support, growth can continue to occur.

These leaders understand that the world has moved predominantly digitally, hybrid remote working is now the norm and many locals shop online to some degree. Therefore, council leaders know that creating community online is a no-brainer because it can connect individuals and businesses more rapidly than offline activities.

3. To empower local community with job opportunities

Local councils, especially those responsible for regional communities, know that it’s critical that job opportunities are created across all industries at the local level – and that they’re easy to find and that they create a level playing field for potential candidates.

Council leaders understand that digital communities can foster quick connection points, help jobseekers find employers of choice, can make it easier to attract locals to new opportunities and can assist business owners with finding the most qualified staff across their community. Without digitally bringing people together, you’re working with a smaller pool of talent.

One of our Customers from Mudgee Region Jobs Mid-Western Region Council, Alina Azar, shared:

Mudgee Region Jobs helps connect Council with the local business community, as well as helping to deliver on economic outcomes for our region. It enables local employers to find local job seekers, allowing businesses to advertise vacant positions completely free of charge to recruit staff to grow.”


Economic developers are looking for ways to clearly align their economic strategy with the tools and services that they are choosing to invest in. They don’t want yet another piece of technology that will add complexity and roadblocks to their internal operations, they want easy and effective solutions that will produce tangible results almost immediately.

There are multiple ways that economic development can take place at the local level, and local councils play a critical role in that. Councils are tasked with creating long-term economic development strategies that will create the best conditions for the community to thrive, and many innovative leaders understand that digital communities can foster just that.

Localised partners with local councils to empower local business growth, grow local spend and increase job opportunities through end-to-end delivery of digital communities. We collaborate with council leaders to ensure they have the best opportunities to execute on their economic development strategy by implementing their local digital community and ensuring they are enabled from day one.

For examples of the councils we’ve been working with, go here.

To learn whether your council could benefit from working with Localised, you can arrange a no obligation discovery session here.

“The end-to-end support provided by the Localised team has made the activation and delivery of the platform very straightforward. From messaging, to design, to onboarding businesses, we were able to activate and integrate the digital platform easily and with a very successful start.” – Margot Davies – Glen Innes Severn Shire Council