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Writing to get noticed: tips on how to get started

October 11th, 2021

We’re giving you three top tips on piecing together an article, notice or event (yep, the same tips work for all of them) on your  Localised site, website, blog or socials.

 Three Top Tips

1. Start with a short, catchy heading.
Your heading sets the stage for the entire post. Concentrate on keeping your headlines to the point. Some of the best headings include; the classic ‘how to’, identifying and solving a problem with trigger words, create a ‘top XX list’ which is ideal for SEO and getting ranked in the search engines.

2. Don’t bury the lead.
Make sure the main point of your article or event write up is explained in the first paragraph. The “lead” (aka lede) is the first few sentences that quickly convey the gist of the story. When done right, a good lead makes the reader want to keep reading.

3. Use a quality image.
If a relevant image is paired with information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.
Use a high resolution image, without text on it. There are a handful of 
free stock imagery sites where you can find some high-res photos to suit your article, news piece or event.  

These three tips can help your content engage with local businesses on your Localised platform and many others.